My PlayStation This is the service that Sony launched back in 2018 in order to expand your platform and application offering from which to interact with other users. For those of you who made use of the platform or have not yet had the opportunity to try it, we bring you bad news.

My PlayStation closes, but its functions are not lost

Sony has ceased the My PlayStation servers, the web platform that served so that users could visit PlayStation profiles, information regarding trophies and other options such as exchange of messages. The company has reported through its official support page that My PlayStation ceased to be available on June 28, 2021. As they clarify, the features of the web are no longer available, although it will be possible to access information about the library of games, groups, friends, trophies and profile from PS4, PS5 y the PS App.

The loss of My PlayStation supposes the elimination of a method to share and interact with the users of the PlayStation platforms, although as we have detailed previously no functionality is lost. Since Sony have not specified why the decision, although it could be due to the lack of use of users or the alternative of perform the same activities from the comfort of consoles or mobile phone. The shutdown of servers by PlayStation is not a new practice, as the company was involved in a strong controversy because they raised the possibility of shut down PS Store servers on PS3, PSP and PS Vita. However, due to popular demand, it should be noted that the company withdrew.

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