The official account of Sonic and Twitter has announced that the Thursday, May 27 at 6:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time) a evento online in which they will unveil news of the 30th anniversary of the saga. During the broadcast, which is titled Sonic Central, we will get our first look at new projects, collaborations and events with which those responsible for the franchise intend to celebrate the thirty-something of the blue hedgehog.

“Did someone say news?”, starts saying the tweet with which the name, date and time of this event have been confirmed, as well as a summary of the content that we can see in it. To see it, all you have to do is tune into the official Sonic YouTube or Twitch channels on each of the platforms for the date and time indicated.

Unstoppable, a new tribute to 30 years of Sonic

In addition to this announcement, those responsible for the saga have published a new video on their YouTube channel. It is about Unstoppable, from an ad celebrating 30 years of Sonic taking a tour not only of his most iconic video games, but also of his adaptations to comics, television, merchandising and much more. You can see it under these lines.

Returning to the event, the announcements that we can see in Sonic Central this Thursday are still a mystery, although there have been a couple of leaks recently that could give us a clue about the games with which this 30th anniversary will be celebrated: on the one hand, the Sonic Collection, what seems to be a new compilation of some titles of the franchise, while another talks about a possible remastering of Sonic Colours, a title released on Wii in 2010.

The anniversary of Sonic I will not only limit myself to video gamesIn fact, a special comic, stuffed animals, a Netflix series and even a LEGO set have already been announced. That not to mention Sonic 2, the film that will be released in April next year.

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