Jeff Fowler, the director of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, has announced the start of tape production through your personal Twitter account. He also director of Sonic the movie has made the announcement accompanying the tweet of an image in which appears a chair of those that are usually used in filming with the ribbon logo.

Sonic 2, as the film is titled in Spain according to Paramount Pictures Spain, it has not yet presented its synopsis nor other details such as the actors who will participate in the film. However, the logo presented in February corroborates what is intimated in the scene after the credits of the original film: Tails will appear in this sequel.

Aun as, neither Paramount nor SEGA have confirmed the appearance of Tails, and Fowler avoided mentioning it explicitly in statements to ComicBook: “There’s a lots of cool characters in the universe Sonic, But the most important thing is to introduce Sonic and tell a bit of the story of his origins and do it in a way that makes everyone fall in love with him and ask for more. “

“And so if all that goes well, then we can open up and bring in some of those other characters that fans know and want. And yes, I mean, there is no one more excited than me to have that opportunity, “added the director. Besides Tails, it is rumored that Knuckles will also appear on the tape voiced by Jason Momoa.

Hitting theaters April 8

Ben Schwartz, the comedy actor who voices Sonic the Hedgehog, said in February that the script is “amazing”. Said script is signed again by Pat Casey y Josh Miller. At the moment there are no more names involved in the making of this second film. What is known is when we will be able to see the movie: Sonic 2 will be released in cinemas in Spain and the rest of the world on April 8, 2022.

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