Sonic Central, the new event destined to clarify the future of the blue hedgehog of Sega, I will celebrate today at 6:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time) through the official YouTube and Twitch channels of Sonic. The mascot of the Japanese company turns 30 years old And with a view to its anniversary, various projects, collaborations and special events are being prepared to celebrate it in style.

Sonic Central will broadcast at 6:00 p.m. today and bring news for the 30th anniversary

Along with the announcement of the Sonic Central through Twitter, a new video was also released on the YouTube channel of Sonic. The video received the name of Unstoppable, a whole tribute that condenses the best that he has given us Sonic throughout 30 years as a franchise, from the video games themselves, to other products such as comics, animated series and the recent film live action. Of course, it seems that since Sega are strongly appealing to the nostalgic sentiment of those who have spent several years sharing unforgettable moments with Sonic.

There are certain speculation and rumors about what could be presented in this new very special event. Just yesterday, shortly after the event was announced, one of several official Sonic voice actors said that he would be reprising the character. Return of Roger Craig What Sonic could indicate the imminent announcement of a new title in the saga that will be revealed this afternoon, although it is advisable to go with moderate expectations and caution. They’ve also been playing a possible remastering for a while. Sonic Colours of Wii and a new collection that would compile several titles. Perhaps, they will also show us a first look at Sonic Prime, the new animated series of Netflix or we will see something related to Sonic The Movie 2, the sequel to the adaptation live action.

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