The Spanish video game Song of Horror prepares to tell us his lurid horror tale the July 20 on PS4, the day it will also be released in physical format with a Deluxe Edition which is already available for pre-sale at TTDV for 33.99 and that includes the following content:

  • Full game
  • Special cover
  • Character guide
  • Map guide

Classic horror with chilling new features

Song of Horror challenge us to enter a gloomy mansion in which we will have to investigate the disappearance of the writer Sebastian P. Husher, although during our investigations we will not be alone: ​​he will accompany us The presence, a mysterious entity that thanks to a deep system of artificial intelligence learn from our movements to surprise us in every corner and end our life.

In addition to paying a true tribute to the survival horror with aspects such as fixed cameras that remind us of the best of the genre, Song of Horror introduces innovative elements such as the aforementioned AI that haunts us and a great permanent death system that will make us jump from one character to another in case The Presence discovers us: there are a total of 13 protagonists, each with their different abilities and characteristics, which will give points to the feeling of anguish that this horror title is betting on.

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