SnowRunner, released on the Epic Games Store as a temporary exclusive, hitting Steam on May 18, same date chosen by Focus Home Interactive for the Nintendo Switch version. On PS4 and Xbox One it is on sale from April 28, 2020, the same as the version for the Epic Games store. The saga puts us behind the wheel of large trucks to make deliveries in dangerous terrain, sometimes almost inaccessible. Yes MudRunner focused on the mud, SnowRunner he does it especially in the mountains and snow, obstacles that will delay our orders.

SnowRunner offers us 40 vehicles to “win” the fight against nature in extreme environments in a terrain simulator where skills at the wheel and intelligence are essential to find the easiest route that avoids the ice, snow, rushing water, or mud traps. These trucks can be customized with upgrades and accessories to ease the weather conditions a bit, from snow chains to an underwater tailpipe for when deep water needs to be crossed.

A simulator to play solo or cooperatively

With its originality of the proposal this saga has achieved a large fan base. In our analysis we tell you that “there is much to discover and enjoy in SnowRunner– From choosing the right truck to putting in the right gear, to deciding the least dangerous route with the most suitable configuration for it, to driving the snowy roads of Alaska at night on the way to the next gas station. Veterans can now broaden their horizons, while newcomers can discover a pleasant surprise“.

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