Super Nintendo It is one of the most iconic consoles of the Japanese company. Thanks to the power it offered with respect to Nintendo NES, its predecessor, players were able to experience a golden age with high-quality titles such as Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Metroid O Yoshi’s Island, among many others. In addition to its addictive gameplay, more than one will remember with nostalgia the particular melodies that sounded thanks to the SNES sound chip. For those nostalgic who miss these melodies, or for the curious who want to hear them for the first time, it has arrived SNES Music Factory.

SNES Music Factory collects a vast amount of Super Nintendo tunes

SNES Music Factory is a new channel of YouTube focused on collecting numerous classic SNES songs and has been created by Sergio Martn, a member of the writing team. After painstaking compilation work for six months, the channel is currently on its let the final. The channel has been in phase beta for a few months and has already been officially released with thousands of melodies, hundreds of soundtracks, dozens of musical selections and a multitude of curiosities that left us the longing console of Nintendo. SNES Music Factory It has been created expressly for those who want to relive the magic of the best chiptune melodies ever created or for those who want to discover them if they did not have the opportunity to enjoy them.

SNES Music Factory It is made up of three fundamental pillars: original soundtracks, musical selections and curiosities. The content that each one has is the following:

  • Original soundtracks: a total of 400 memorable classics like Super Castlevania IV, Chrono Trigger, Axelay, Donkey Kong Country or Super Turrican. There are all kinds of extraordinary compositions by geniuses like Nobuo Uematsu, Koji Kondo, David Wise or Chris Huelsbeck.
  • Musical selections: There are dozens of them and we can find the best themes from titles as mythical as Super Mario World or Super Adventure Island. There are all kinds of musical selections, each one suitable for a specific moment.
  • Curiosities: In addition to the most recognizable SNES tunes, in this section you will find lots of soundtracks from indie games that never appeared on the console like Super Shadow of the Beast or Spellcraft. There is also music from titles intended for the Super Famicom Stellaview peripheral such as Radial Dreamers or BS Excitebike and compilations of songs that have a certain word in common.

SNES Music Factory It has thousands of original songs and will be constantly updated on a daily basis to offer new content. Of course, it is a detail for those who feel yearning for one of the most particular consoles in the history of Nintendo.

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