Masahiro Sakurai arises abandon development games, but has not made any decisions yet. The creator of Super Smash Bros., Kirby, Kid Icarus: Uprising and designer of Meteos has dedicated his weekly column in Famitsu to a possible early withdrawal from the industry, according to the Japanese blog ryokutya2089, where they collect weekly what Sakurai said in his columns in the Japanese magazine, where he has been writing for almost two decades.

“Everything must have an ending”, has written the founder of Sora Ltd. In the same text he argues that right now he feels that “You better be busy and do your best while you can bear it”. Sakurai also claims to be thinking about stop writing column once you have finished releasing the DLC characters from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, pero aade: “[…]this does not mean that I will stop working on games “at once.

Sakurai works on the last two characters of SSB Ultimate

Right now, Sakurai is finalizing the design and development of the two remaining wrestlers and scenarios for jumping from Fighters Pass Vol. 2 of the Switch fighting game, a job that has been seen affected by the coronavirus pandemic: the initial plan was to launch all the characters of the pass before January 31, 2021.

El Fighters Pass Vol. 2 aadi a Min Min de ARMS in June 2020, Steve and Alex from Minecraft in October of last year, to Sephirot of Final Fantasy VII at the end of December, and finally, to Pyra and Mythra from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 in early March 2021.

Each package includes, in addition to the fighters, a new stage, various musical themes, additional routes for Smash Arcade and an additional spirit board. They can be purchased separately at a price of 5.99 or together in the aforementioned battle pass for 29.99.

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