She has 85 years behind her, but that does not prevent her from brandishing a sword and embarking on the adventures that await her in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. We talk about Shirley Curry, popularly known among the gaming community as “the grandmother of Skyrim”, and that he offers on his YouTube channel his traverses going through the Bethesda title. It has almost a million subscribers, and now has become a character in the game thanks to a mod.

Shirley Curry can accompany you on your adventures by Skyrim

Announced in early 2019 under the name of Shirley – A Skyrim Follower, this mod is available for PC through Nexus Mods and on; as well as en Xbox One via It is the work of The Circantolius Team, a team of modders that has worked so that Shirley Curry can be part of the game that you love so much. In this way, the players can choose her as one more companion of Skyrim to have adventures with her.

The best of all? What the mod offers lines of dialogue with Curry’s own voice, so we will feel that it is with us at all times. The NPC will function like any other companion in the game: includes your own missions and interactions. The character itself is a classic barbarian, what to wear light armor and wear two-handed weapons. I will also use the archery to attack your adversaries.

Shirley Curry is your new companion in Skyrim

“He lives in a cozy little cabin called Brightwood, in the mountains east of Drelas.”, the modders explain. “Be there when he’s not adventuring with you. This cabin also doubles as a home for the playersas it has almost all the artisan stations and ample secure storage space. There are some Easter eggs scattered throughout the house that longtime Shirley fans can recognize. ”

Characterized by being a character that I will have more than one story to share with the players, we can call her to come with us using a horn found in the player’s bedroom at Shirley’s house. “When you select it from your inventory, this will call Shirley to your side, in a semi-immersive way. “In addition, it arrives accompanied by unique objects: it has three completely new custom weapons, and they’ve included a version of Shirley’s dress that players can wear in-game as well.

Shirley Curry will also be in The Elder Scrolls VI

It all started when Pete Hines, vice president of Bethesda, announced that the launch window of The Elder Scrolls VI he was still a long way from the players. “I guess that puts the nail in my coffin,” Curry wrote. “When published Skyrim 6, I will be 88 years old! So I probably won’t play it “. That’s when the players they arranged for Curry to appear in the title.

In this way, Bethesda itself announced months later that it would include Shirley Curry as an NPC in the next The Elder Scrolls VI, at the request of the gaming community. “This means a lot to me because I would like very much that in the future people play with my character in a future title of the saga The Elder Scrolls“Curry herself appreciated.

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