The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim continues to enjoy staunch followers around the world (and if not tell Shirley Curry, who at 85 years old continues to live adventures in this fantasy story and has even become a mod). This week we saw how the love for this RPG raised the bar with the following user: a player paid $ 600 for a sealed physical copy of the title, for the Xbox 360 version. SkyrimRemember, it debuted in the Spanish market on November 11, 2011 on PC, PS3 and 360.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and his copy of 600 dollars

As they discovered in Axios, an unopened copy of Skyrim worth $ 600. In fact, this sale occurred on the same lot in which a copy of Super Mario 64 for $ 1.5 million. In the case of Skyrim it is even more striking, because unopened copies of this title can still easily be found in stores today.

The auction took place at Heritage Auctions. If there is any player in the world who wants to do with this copy of Skyrim, would have to make an offer of $ 900 to the new owner (and you do NOT want to do that). However, from the portal they point out that at the moment they are not looking to sell this recent acquisition and are not paying attention to most of the offers.

A copy of Skyrim that for its good conservation reached 600 dollars

And what makes this version of Skyrim cost 600 dollars? As indicated by Heritage Auctions, the game received a score of 9.2 on the Wata scale: that means it is in perfect condition. Although considering that the copy is stamped and the title is less than a decade old, it’s not that surprising either. In the case of copying Super Mario 64, the game also got a 9.8 A ++ rating due to its good state of preservation.

Meanwhile, the players are already looking towards the launch of The Elder Scrolls VI. Although the title was not present at E3 2021, the truth is that it seems that it slipped into the trailer of Starfield revealing the possible location of this new story. Mind you, don’t expect the game to be released anytime soon – Todd Howard has confirmed that it continues at a very early stage in its development.

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