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Sky: Children of the Light, the title of thatgamecompany, creators of Journey Y Flower, arrive at the end of this month to Nintendo Switch after passing through devices iOS and Android. The game will finally be released on June 29 and, like its original version, it will keep the format free to play with microtransactions. Holders of the version for Nintendo Switch will be able to play with those of the other platforms thanks to the fact that the title allows cross game and the seasonal events and kingdom expansion.

Sky: Children of the Light comes to Nintendo Switch with all the content of the other versions

The developer has announced the official release date for Nintendo Switch through the official Twitter account of the title with a message that thanks the players waiting: “Thanks for your patience! Sky: Children of the Light will launch for Nintendo Switch June 29 or June 30, depending on where you live. Use the table below to find the release time for your region“. As the tweetIt is worth taking a look at the table to check the launch in your territory.

On Sky: Children of the Light we handle one of the Children of the Light with the objective of return the fallen stars to their constellations As we explore a desolate kingdom The title, like social experience which is, encourages us to hang out with other players and, just like Journey, opt for the absolute minimalism eliminating any chat option. Sky: Children of the Light is a very complete experience: through flight mechanics, we can explore seven dream kingdoms in which we will find all kinds of treasures and spirits that we will have to save, all accompanied by a unique soundtrack and that helps to immerse ourselves much better in the experience.

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