Sky: Children of the Light, known in Spain as Sky: Children of Light, now it can download for free on Nintendo Switch via Nintendo eShop. It is the new title of thatgamecompany, the creators of the acclaimed Journey, and invites us to immerse ourselves in a new dreamlike and fantastic world. This version of the game offers users the main story arc and multiplayer mode. On the occasion of its launch on the hybrid platform, we have been able to enjoy a new trailer:

Sky: Children of Light land for free on Switch

For players who fell in love with Journey, they like to know that Sky: Children of Light follows a similar formula to the title of 2012. The version that is available for download in Nintendo eShop offers a good portion of content, so that we can take the first steps in this new adventure at no cost. Thus, the Switch version includes a “Free main story arc and offers the ability for eight players to explore and play socially anytime. “

Of course, there are also payment options available to receive more content: Switch owners can get hold of a starter pack for a price of around 30 which includes “two new capes, a ship flute, a new hairstyle, 75 sails, and an additional surprise.” It should be noted that both the free version of the game and the premium option have cross-play with the iOS and Android versions. In addition, mobile players they can take all their progress to the hybrid platform, in case you prefer to continue playing on Switch.

There is a starter pack for 30 euros that offers items to players

“On Sky, you will embody one of the Children of Light, which extend hope throughout the desolate kingdom to return the fallen stars to their constellations “, we can read in the description of the project. The title is described as “a revolutionary social adventure” that seeks to move the hearts of the players. “We welcome you to the enchanting world of Sky, an animated realm of great beauty that you can explore with your loved ones.”

“thatgamecompany returns to delight us with a deep and visually breathtaking video game, betting on a simple gameplay that bases its mechanics on flight and exploration “, we wrote in our analysis. In addition to the mobile versions and the newly arrived Switch version, a PC version is also planned.

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