Skull & Bones it begins to be that kind of mythological animal in the video game sector that we believe exists because we put faith and effort in it. The video game of pirates, open world and naval combat announced at the beginning of the year that it was delaying its debut again (for the fourth consecutive year); this week, rumors have reappeared that the game has restarted its development. The worst thing is that it is not the first time we have heard this, being the beginning of 2020 when we also hear about this situation. At the moment, the title does not have a date of arrival in Spain or any other market.

Skull & Bones would have restarted its development once again, according to rumors

It has been almost five years since Ubisoft announcement that the division of Singapore of the company will be in charge of developing Skull & Bones. The game provides users with a naval adventure inspired by the fighting of Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, but the different obstacles the game is facing has completely disabled his debut… and would have even forced the title to perform major changes in your creative process.

An anonymous source, allegedly connected to Ubisoft, has indicated that the new address who is taking the game has forced that Skull & Bones will completely restart its development months ago. Apparently this has been the second time from its conception that the development of the game has to reboot completely from scratch. At the moment, it seems that the game is more like the multiplayer title Sea of Thieves from Rare and Microsoft: with segments in first and third person, depending on whether the players are on their ships or on land.

Skull & Bones has had to restart its development from scratch, according to an anonymous source

Last November 2020 we informed you that Hugues Ricour, in charge of the Singapore study, had been removed from this position after facing a “leadership audit.” This same anonymous source has pointed out that several members of the Skull & Bones, including the CEO of Ubisoft Singapore, were fired as part of Ubisoft’s response to multiple allegations of sexual harassment. As a result of this action, the current game team is understaffed... which is likely to make restarting development even more difficult.

All this being said, the anonymous source does not consider that Skull & Bones will be launched in 2021; not even in 2022. The game seems to be in a very unstable and unfinished stage due to the numerous reboots whom he has faced. However, if the development continues this time, it is possible that it will debut sometime in 2023. “Ship Mechanics of Assassins Creed has gotten older and It can be a very interesting game if they combine well all the good ideas that we have been able to try“, we write in our impressions.

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