Keiichiro Toyama is the person in charge of which we have been able to terrorize ourselves with the saga Silent Hill. After having given birth to other titles such as Siren The Gravity Rush, Toyama is preparing for forge your new project belonging to the genre of horror. The title will be available in the to 2023 in Spain and around the world; It is expected that debut on different platforms. The project is being forged in the offices of Bokeh Games, the studio that Toyama founded after leaving Japan Studio for PlayStation last December 2020. While we will still have to do an exercise in patience until the game is released, we have already been able to enjoy his first artistic concept:

New game from the creator of Silent Hill

The new game of the father of Silent Hill: What do you know?

“It is quite dark”, were the words he used Keiichiro Toyama last month to describe the project. While the game will not be exclusively horror, it does use a side of the genre to make players feel uncomfortable: “The perspective that I have of the terror is to see the daily life altered”Toyama continued. “Instead of showing you creepy things, it’ll make you question your posture; we will face the fact that we are living peacefully“.

In an interview with the YouTube channel Al Hub this March, Toyama wanted to reformulate his answer, clarifying better what approach he has chosen for this project: “I want to express the kind of discomfort that people feel in the world today, which is something that I also feel”. Definitely, the coronavirus pandemic has been a very present factor in the production of this concept: “I think people are forced to live their lives under constant pressure natural hazards and, for example, the coronavirus. “

The new game from the creator of Silent Hill

“People are forced to live their lives under constant pressure”

In this sense, Toyama concludes his February statements with the following message: he seeks to do a game that excites users as they go through it. His decision to leave Japan Studio was also motivated by the desire to make IPs that fans “can enjoy even 10 or 20 years after debut”. No doubt all these artistic words and concepts have caught our attention, so we will be very aware of the next news they want to share from Bokeh Games.

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