Masahiro Ito it’s a Japanese designer and illustrator whose journey is more than remarkable, especially if we take into account his career as creature and environment designer in the horror franchise Silent Hill. It is well known to all horror enthusiasts that Silent Hill is known for the creepy design of its creatures, which stand out for their variety and originality.

Masahiro Ito mentions that he has been involved in the development of 4 games that have finally been canceled

The Japanese artist has uploaded a test image rendered with the engine on his personal Twitter account. Unreal Engine 4 and dating back a few years. To calm the possible expectations of fans, has wanted to specify that it is not an image related to Silent Hill, but with another project that has already been canceled. As he explains, during these years has been working hard on a total of 4 titles that have finally been canceled. It does not specify what franchises they were or if they were new IP.

The cancellation of titles is a practice that is the order of the day. For reasons budgetary, internal problems in development or countless setbacks that can occur, there are titles that never get to see the light. Sometimes there are cancellations of video games already announced and other of projects of which we are not even aware, as is the case of the titles in which he was involved Masahiro Ito.

It is a pity that This did not want to provide more details about the canceled titles that, taking into account their route, They could have been horror and survival juices. As we have already commented, Silent Hill It is, without a doubt, the best known franchise in which he has worked and his return is highly anticipated by the gaming community. In fact, a few months ago, the composer Akira Yamaoka let it fall that this summer the long-awaited return of Silent Hill could be announced. Would you like to know more details about the games he was involved in Masahiro Ito?

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