Ken and Roberta Williams return to development of videogames. YouTube channel Space Quest Historian has been able to speak with the co-founder of Sierra On-Line, programmer and former CEO of the brand. Ken Williams has detailed that the title is for one player, which is being created by a small team, who do not rule out that it will be released late 2021 and possibly not the last project in the couple’s video games.

The title, according to a modeler also working on the project and with whom the aforementioned youtuber, promise recover the tone of the adventures from Sierra On-Line, classic games from the 80s and 90s where there are sagas as influential as Gabriel Knight, Space Quest Y King’s Quest, among many other games developed by the firm. Ken Williams is working on programming Y Roberta Williams takes care of the art direction and “inspiration”, in the words of that developer.

Ken Williams claims the game will be announced “soon”

“We’re ready to talk about the game soon. Probably next month or the next. But … if I say a lot now someone will convince me about [lanzar] screenshots and a playable demo … and we’re just not ready for that yet, “explains Ken Williams.” next month is key for the project and we need to be focused on just making it great. “

“I think we’ll start looking beta testers in July or August. I have not yet decided how many how we will do it. The game looks great … but sometimes the last 10% of a project takes 90% of the effort, “continues the veteran programmer, pointing out that it is possible that the title is released in 2021: “I suppose we can release it by the end of the year … but it might just be optimistic.”

Ken Roberta Williams new game

Williams adds that their first idea was more ambitious than the game they ended up making, but in turn opens the door for further development after this title: “I wanted to do something multiplayer that I could break new ground, but I always believe in the crawl, walk and run strategy … something simple enough to start and then do something that is much more technically interesting for the next project. “

“So … some people might be disappointed, but I don’t think [que sea as]. If a game is fun to play that’s all that matters, and I can already tell it’s going to be fun for people. “Explain that They have not revealed it before in case the project was abandoned: “I wasn’t sure you could play a good game in today’s world with a small team.”

Ken Roberta Williams new game Sierra Online

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