Last week the Nintendo Direct announced the release date of Shin Megami Tensei V, the new installment of the acclaimed saga of Atlus to get to Nintendo Switch the 12th of November. Now Nintendo and Atlus have just announced that the game is coming to the West in two special editions: on the one hand with a metal box, and another the call Fall of Man Premium Edition, which include various extras and which will be priced at 120 dlares (At this time we do not know its price in euros). To celebrate, they have published a new trailer which you can see below:

The contents of the Fall of Man Premium Edition

The edit with tea broom can be obtained by reserving the game without any price increase, for 59,99 , although at this time we have no confirmation that it will arrive in Spain, although we assume that it does. This will be its appearance:

Shin Megami Tensei 5 caja met

And on the other hand we have the edition Fall of Man Premium Edition, to arrive in our country since it has been confirmed by the Nintendo Spain. This edition will include will come in a special box and include the game, the two-disc soundtrack, the metal box, a book of more than 100 pages and one shoulder bag. Its price in dollars will be 119.99, so we can expect an identical price in euros. This is what they look like, they will give more information about reservations later:

Shin Megami Tensei 5 fall of man premium edition

The fifth installment of a cult saga

In this fifth installment, players will explore a open world in which demons roam freely. As we approach them begin a turn-based combat where we attack with the recruited demons: by affecting the weak point of the adversaries, more actions are obtained to continue fighting before it is the opponent’s turn.

Of course, the classic mechanics of recruit demons. In confrontations, sometimes it is possible to negotiate with monsters so that they become allies, something that is achieved according to their requirements, but on other occasions we will have to do just the opposite: impose ourselves by rejecting what they ask of us. Also not to miss the fusion of demons to summon new creatures that inherit the statistics and powers of the monsters used for the new being. The game arrive with texts in spanish.

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