Shadow Warrior 3 is preparing to debut in Spain and around the world this same 2021, reaching PC, PS4 y Xbox One hand in hand with the development studio Flying Wild Hog Y Return Digital. While last week he introduced us its playability In the Motoko’s Thunderdome level, today its creators want you to let’s take a look at the haters that will cross our path in this adventure. You can enjoy the video under these lines:

Shadow Warrior 3: Introducing our rivals

Described as an “offbeat” first-person shooter saga, Shadow Warrior 3 arrives to continue the legend and take his proposition to the next level – players can expect from this game fast combat, which is also combined with hand-to-hand fighting and a spectacular free movement system, which allows us to move around the stage with total independence. Colorful and action packed, the studio Flying Wild Hog wants to take us through an adventure in which we will have to save the world.

“The corporate ex-son Lo Wang | and his old boss Orochi Zilla, later turned into his nemesis and later his henchman, embark on an unsuspected mission to recapture an ancestral dragon the one who was unconsciously freed from his eternal prison, “write the developers in the game’s synopsis. In this way, we will accompany Lo Wang on an odyssey through this dangerous world to capture the beast … and thus avoid the apocalypse.

We will have to hunt down an ancient dragon to avoid the end of the world.

“To achieve that goal you need the mask of a dead god, a dragon’s egg, a pinch of magic, and enough gunpowder to break through the Shadow Realm“concludes the description of Shadow Warrior 3. At our disposal we will have a complete arsenal of weapons, both at a distance and in melee, with which we can launch an adventure ready for combat: the grenade launcher, the Gore Gun Of the level Doomsday Device O environmental traps they will be some of our greatest allies.

The third installment of Shadow Warrior aims to reach the end of this same 2021 both for PC como para PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One y Xbox One X.

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