Shadow Warrior 3 prepares to debut in Spain and around the world at end of this 2021, at which point the title of Flying Wild Hog Y Return Digital debut in PC, PS4 y Xbox One. To warm up engines, the creators have shared a new trailer dedicated to the level Doomsday Device: a stage colorful and action packed, which aims to give players a big dose of adrenaline. We leave you progress below:

Shadow Warrior 3: Doomsday Device casts action in a new trailer

Doomsday Device take the players from Shadow Warrior 3 up the side of a mountain. There we will meet the new enemy Gassy Obariyon and the new Gore Weapon, which we can tear from Gassy’s hands to use it for a limited time: the mini-weapon Double Trouble. Another interesting mechanic shown in the preview is the ability to use environmental traps, which we can activate whenever we want to destroy entire groups of enemies.

Shadow Warrior 3 The saga continues by betting on the first person action, combined with gunfights, hand-to-hand combat and a movement system that allows us to move freely around the stage. “The former corporate Lo Wang | and his old boss Orochi Zilla, later turned into his nemesis and later his henchman, they embark on an unsuspected mission to recapture an ancestral dragon the one who unconsciously freed from his eternal prison “, we can read in his synopsis.

Shadow Warrior 3 is shown in a new v

It is time to capture an ancient dragon

Having at your disposal a complete arsenal, Lo Wang must travel the world to locate the beast and avoid, once again, the apocalypse. “To achieve that goal you need the mask of a dead god, the egg of a dragon, a pinch of magic and enough gunpowder to break through the Shadow Kingdom“, concludes the premise. Whether or not it will depend on the players. You can see our protagonist in action thanks to a 17-minute gameplay that was presented last year.

We remind you that Shadow Warrior 3 aim to debut on PC, PS4 and Xbox One later this year.

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