A month ago it was launched Shadow Man Remaster on PC -which will soon reach consoles-, an adaptation of the original by Nightdive Studios. The new version brings multiple visual improvements although it is closer to a remastering than a remake: better textures, changes in lighting, motion blur, support for 4K resolution and a refresh rate of 240hz and even changes in the content – weapons , enemies, better control, etc.-. However this is not enough for some fans who are willing to to adapt Shadow Man to Unreal Engine 4 with a deeper reinvention, which you can see below.

Let me esta Shadow Man s is closer to what the game would be created from scratch today and seems more polished than the typical demo that artists make on a trial basis. Little else is known about the team behind the project except that Tim Haywood, composer of the original, seems to be involved. In comments to the YouTube video, Haywood responds that LeRoi’s 3D modeling is provisional and that it should be replaced by a better one.

However, neither Valiant Entertainment nor Nightdive are part of the announcement so can only be considered a fan game, and if it is finished – it still has no estimated date – it must be freely available, if legal problems do not arise that stop its development.

An adventure that returns more than two decades later

Shadow Man is an action adventure originally published by Acclaim for Nintendo 64, PlayStation, Dreamcast and PC in 1999. In it we put ourselves in the shoes of Michael LeRoi, a hero with supernatural powers who faces an army of demons that tries to invade the city. Land. I continue with a sequel, Shadow Man: 2econd Coming, which came to PS2 in 2002. It was inspired by the Valiant comics and, Although the reviews were tepid upon its release, over time it has become a much-remembered adventure.

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