Sega has recently announced its support for non-fungible tokens, better known as NFT or non-fungible token.. It is a type of cryptographic asset that, unlike cryptocurrencies, represents something unique, although they also use technology blockchain. They have become extremely popular in recent months with many digital artists, selling illustrations or videos for the equivalent of thousands or millions of euros; Similar to a physical work of art, the owner can resell this virtual item if it appreciates.

Sega Japan confirmed these days that it would enter the business with Double Jump Tokyo to sell content in tokens, but fans have criticized the company for joining a trend that has a much less “funny” face: the disproportionate amount of energy required to create an NFT, which some analyzes estimate the carbon footprint left by a gasoline car when traveling 800 meters. More environmentally conscious gamers have blamed Sega for the decision, and highlight the irony this implies for the developer of Sonic, games in which the dangers of technology are often talked about.

“When I was young, your emblematic character taught me to care about the environment,” says another account on social networks, who regrets seeing the same company “contribute to the destruction of the planet at a time like this.”

Other fans have pointed out the apparent lack of communication between Sega divisions, because while one recommends us “leave the world better than we found it”, Sega Japan announced its entry into the world of NFTs.

“How are you going to do NFT when Sonic is literally about protecting the environment? It is a disappointment. Sega, please reconsider …“says another account. For the moment Sega has not backtracked on its decision.

It is not the only company that bets on this technology

Sega is the one who has received the most negative response from fans, but the truth is that not the only developer interested in NFTs. Square Enix plans to use them in its series Million Arthur, and in this case some players have recalled that the possibly most important game of the company, Final Fantasy VII, has as its central theme concern for the environment and the use of non-renewable energy.

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