MidBoss, developer responsible for 2064: Read Only Memories, today presented the third edition Season of Pride 2021, a solidarity event online with which you want to focus on the LGBTQ + community and representation of the video game world. Formerly known as Summer of Pride, and renamed to integrate a more global audience (not in all parts of the world it is summer when the sun sets in Spain), this celebration consists of both streamings with community members as with Steam deals with up to 80% discount on LGBTQ + themed games.

At the moment it has not been specified which games will be on sale during this special promotion on Steam, but it has been confirmed that The sale period begins tomorrow, Wednesday, June 9, and remains active for most of the pride month, until June 23. Last year indies as recommended as The Red Strings Club, Tacoma, VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action O Monster Prom.

Goal: Exceed $ 25,000 raised last year

Aun as, the main objective of this initiative is to raise funds for non-profit organizations like Trans Lifeline, Trevor Project and GaymerX; for this, have the collaboration of streamers such as 8BitDylan, DEERE, MiaByte, Jeff Brutlag, UrbanBohemian and SlicedRaven who will try to help exceed the collection of 25,000 US dollars they got in last year’s edition. In addition to these streamers and MidBoss, the organizer, other big names in the video game also collaborate with Season of Pride 2021, such as Annapurna Interactive, Go Sims 4 and the International Game Developers Association (IGDA).

Streamers that participate

“Season of Pride 2021 brings players together queer from all over the world to celebrate the impact that good LGBTQ + representation can have in our hobby, either in those people who seek to see themselves represented in video games or through empathy to help normalize life queer“, Explain Cade Peterson, CEO de MidBoss.

It is not the only event gaming that will take place throughout June, LGBTQ + pride month, as Xbox also recently announced activities, merchandising and promotions related to him.

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