Scarlet Nexus is the new proposal of Bandai Namco belonging to the genre hack and slash and with role plays. From the company last week they released an explanatory gameplay that detailed its history in addition to the interesting playable aspects that it will have, such as the possibility of combine skills among our peers Y different fighting styles depending on the character we select. The title will be officially released next June 25, 2021 And, according to a new rumor, it may be available out of the box on Xbox Game Pass.

Scarlet Nexus will appear on Xbox Game Pass on its first day out, according to Jeff Grubb

The video game of Bandai Namco It was announced for the first time at the Inside Xbox event last year and its demo arrived before the Xbox family consoles, so it can be deduced that the title has some exclusivity with Xbox despite It will also be released on PS4, PS5 and PC. The agreement between Bandai Namco Y Microsoft with Scarlet Nexus It will not end here, and it is that Jeff Grubb, a video game journalist, has hinted that the title will be released on Xbox Game Pass. According to his own statements in the XboxEra podcast: “I think it’s a game from the first day of Game Pass, that’s what I heard. ”

Grubb He pointed out in his speech that deals for big games are usually made late, so Scarlet Nexus could be advertised as a day one title for Game Pass shortly before its launch for all platforms. Perhaps, considering the proximity of E3 2021 and the conference of Microsoft, Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, la aparicin de Scarlet Nexus could be announced at the same event as a surprise to the Xbox console players. Until the time comes, it is advisable to be cautious and take the declarations of Jeff Grubb with tweezers. You would like to try Scarlet Nexus in case it finally got to Xbox Game Pass?

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