The rumored Ryse 2 is back in the headlines. The game is a sequel to Rice: Son of Rome, a game that debuted in 2013 both in Spain and around the world for Xbox One, arriving a year later on PC and becoming one of the most applauded games of the moment. Developed by Crytek, an Xbox insider has been in charge of sharing two new details of this title: the game will be out now and will be released as a multiplatform title. Recall that in 2014 the development studio admits being open to a release of the original on PS4.

Ryse 2: A project that will be taking shape

A leak emerged late last year suggesting that Crytek had been working on a battle royale in order to Crysis and in Ryse 2. Now, Nick Shpeshal Ed Baker from Xbox Era He maintains that he has heard similar rumors about it, and he made it known in the most recent podcast of the program. Apparently, his source contacted him again to share more details.

“I have reason to believe that this person is legitimate because, afterwards, showed me certain things that made me think they were in the making. So, of course, what excited me the most was the fact that a new Ryse is in development“Shpeshal Ed argues.” So this person said to me: ‘Yes, there is a new Ryse Developing’. I cannot give dates, and I cannot say to what extent things are happening, only there is a Ryse Developing… and, as I said, they have given me images of things that lead me to believe that this person is legitimate“.

“A new Ryse is in development”

To further fuel the excitement for this title, although the Ryse original was exclusive to the Xbox console, Ryse 2 It looks like it could be a multiplatform title. “The interesting part about this Ryse is that at least at the moment this happens and I know what I’m saying right now doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it was a multiplatform game and not exclusive to Xbox“He continues.” So if this game of Ryse is developing, it looks like it could be cross-platform. “

Unfortunately, this information has not been confirmed by official sources and for the moment we will have to wait for Crytek to provide more details about it … if it has to. In 2019 we learned of the existence of a prototype of Ryse for Xbox 360 it was going to give players a very different experience.

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