Modus Games has announced that Rustler, a kind of Grand Theft Auto classic but set in the Middle Ages, adds to the PC version -which is in Early Access- the versions of PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch. To arrive this year with a price of 29.99 euros and the team has presented a new trailer dedicated to consoles where we can see a sample of what it promises: betrayals, fights, horse theft and an adventure with a lot of humor.

“In Rustler, you’ll play with the anti-hero Guy, an outlaw determined to win whatever the Grand Tournament, whose grand prize is the hand of the princess in marriage. And you will have the help of your inseparable buddy Buddy. You might have to steal a couple of horses or commit some other murder? It’s possible. But the truth is that you are going to blow things up while you walk away in slow motion, that’s for sure “, say its creators.

Rustler I will also be inspired by situations of Knights of the Square Table of the Monty Python or even the crazy Mundodisco by Terry Pratchett. We will meet “brave but extremely stupid gentlemen”, and we will be able to follow the story or pass it completely and dedicate ourselves to what we love: loot, get drunk and wreak havoc in the cities we come across.

We have already played it on Vandal

In our impressions of the PC version we told you that it had good ideas on how to lead an adventure type GTA 1 and 2 to this historical framework, although aspects as the fights: “Of course in the long run he has to show that not only is he an absurd parody of GTA, his missions need enough variety, a sufficiently interesting background and polish certain aspects of control or combat, which at the moment are the points weakest of your proposal. “

Rustler, el 'GTA cl

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