Facepunch Studios has reported that a fire in a data center has forever eliminated the data from more than twenty European servers of Rust, its online title for PC, erasing the progress of all the players that will connect to those servers. Survival game developers they did not have backup of the “large amount of data” affected.

In the dawn of this wednesday March 10, the game’s official Twitter account published: “We are aware that some of the our european servers are down right now. The technicians in the data center are investigating the problem. ” EuropaPress, was that the OVHcloud data center in Strasbourg was affected by a fire.

Numerous French websites and services were rendered inactive by the fire, which has totally destroyed the SBG2 data center and part of SBG1. No one was injured in the fire, which was controlled around seven in the morning. An hour and a half later, Facepunch Studios reported the Magnitude of the problem.

25 of our European servers remain offline due to a fire in the OVH data center in the early hours of this morning, “they commented on the Twitter account.” Unfortunately, the fire has destroyed the SBG-2 building. We expect that a large amount of data on the affected servers has been lost“.

The confirmation that the lost data cannot be restored came this noon: “We have confirmed a total loss of affected European servers during the fire in the OVH data center. We are studying replacement of the affected servers. “None of the OVH servers in Strasbourg will be operating this Wednesday, but the company works to start up unaffected servers as soon as possible.

Rust: Console Edition coming spring to PS4 and Xbox One

Facepunch Studios has not announced how many players and / or characters in Rust have been affected by the loss of servers. In other news about the survival game, they recently released a modo Softcore to make the experience more accessible. In spring reach Spanish stores and the rest of the world para PS4 y Xbox One.

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