From U-tad classrooms have come out in recent years a good handful of video games that have achieved in the last years more than 60 awards, including 11 PlayStation Awards and the last 6 Titanium College Awards from the Fun & Serious Games Festival. A few weeks ago the students of the Master’s degrees in Video Game Programming, Game Design and Video Game Art and Visual Design They were divided into two groups to start working on this year’s projects that will be their TFM and now they have presented to the press the bases on which these video games will be based: turn-based tactical RPG Ronin-Hood Sisters and the cooperative adventure Steelbound.

Magical girls who perform elemental attacks on a roguelike

The game is set in a fictional Japan that is reminiscent of today’s Tokyo and bases much of its personality on el cuarteto protagonista: Hanako, Ganko, Kyoko y Shizuka, a quartet is going through a bad time and wants to regain fame by fighting. Each of them plays a different role in the group, uses a unique weapon and possesses different abilities depending on the suit you are wearing in each scenario and which character is the one that takes it. The team is currently deciding if you have time to develop a story within the deadline for the project, to be delivered in October.

Frozenham Studios(@roninhoodsis) has combined in Ronin-Hood Sisters influences as different as a magical girls anime look and a strategic turn-based role reminiscent of Xcom in which the battle scenarios are filled with elemental attacks. These elements can be combined to be more powerful. Carlos Martnez Ortega, diseaser of FrozenHam Studios, explains: “the way in which we make elementary combinations on the map is what distinguishes us from our references”, among these models is found from Xcom a Enter the Bridge. Frozenham Studios faces additional challenges in making it a roguelite.

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The setting in what could be today’s Japan fits with the anime air that its creators want to give to Ronin-Hood Sisters, and this same inspiration they want to be present in the appearance of the enemies.

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A cursed sword for cooperative play

Ishtar Studios opted for a setting so unusual in the video games like Babylon to create a cooperative adventure game for two in isometric view in which the protagonists face the challenge of seal a cursed sword that has originated an invasion of demons in the world. The main character couple have lived very different lives; while she must have survived on the streets and is a nothing survivor, he belongs to the royal family and is idealistic. “Although we want them to interact a lot with each other, we also want them to be different in personality, to be highly characterized. two roles that are being exchanged, they are going to be two very different characters “, points out Daniel Rueda Lpez, programmer of Steelbound.

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The two share the sword and its role it changes depending on whether the character carries the weapon or not; when he wears it he exercises brawler and must take into account the rhythm of combat to attack, although it loses mobility and his partner supports him with magic to dodge or cause indirect damage to the enemy. When exchanging the sword the roles are reversed, and it is necessary to pass it on to the partner since being with her too long implies losing her life. The twist that the study has taken is that you have to claim the sword so that the other player can transfer it.

Lpez Rueda says that one of the objectives of the study is get a combat as agile as that of Hades and what seems to be will not be missing are the intense dialogues between the players for passing the sword: “in the first prototype there was a lot of dying, save me because as it is to ask for it and not give it, they have to save you, and there must be a lot of communication guy take it from me, “he says.

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The vocation to become a game that reaches the public

As I explained the academic director of U-tad, Jos Antonio Rodrguez, With this presentation to the media, the will that the students’ projects “have vocation to become a game that reaches the public, to be glued from the beginning to both the media and the publishers, it is not about matching closed to themselves or made in a laboratory that remain in the test vat, but are intended to be played by many people “.

Once the bases of the two titles are defined, Students must deliver the different milestones of the game until October, when they must have a playable version ready, it is what is known as mtodo U-tad, which consists of students joining multidisciplinary groups to create a video game as faithful as possible to what a real development would be like, which facilitates that, once the period at the university is over, the game becomes a commercial one.

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