Dan Houser announced his departure from Rockstar in early 2020. He was a co-founder, vice president of the company and a key person in most of the studio’s productions – he was a screenwriter for Bully, Red Dead Redemption Y Max Payne 3, in addition to supervising Grand Theft Auto-. “We are extremely grateful for their contributions. Rockstar Games has built some of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful games, a global community of passionate fans and an incredibly talented team that will remain focused on current and future projects,” said Rockstar. With the news. Now, it seems that Dan Houser is ready to turn the page with his new studio: Absurd Ventures in Games.

Rockstar Mag, a French website dedicated to Rockstar titles, has found a new company in the UK of which Dan Houser is the director. There is not much more information because there is no formal announcement of the team, but it was founded on June 23 and describes itself as an entertainment software company. At the moment there are no clues of the type of game in which they plan to debut because no job offers have appeared.

Dan Houser’s departure worried Rockstar shareholders

Such was the importance of Dan Houser in Rockstar that his departure sent the company’s shares plummeting., forcing Take-Two to reassure shareholders: “In terms of stability, I remind you that Sam Hauser [hermano de Dan] he is the president of Rockstar Games, “stated the president of the publisher, Strauss Zelnick.” He founded Rockstar Games. He is a great mentor in video games, and a true leader who exercises his leadership and strength in a team with thousands of people. He does it daily, always trying to offer and make the best experiences imaginable. “

“I’ve seen continual improvement at Rockstar, and frankly, I’ve only seen growth, engagement and innovation,” Zelnick continued in his remarks. “And I think one of the best things about all of our brands and our company in general is that we are incredibly self-critical, and we do it because our goal is to be completely transparent, and we try to do better.”

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