Roblox it is an international success, from Spain to the United States, and the latest Finbold report has come to prove it: according to these new figures, the application of this “game of games” is the one that most enters the US iOS App Store on a daily and monthly basis, where estimates that receives more than 3 million dollars every day and an average of more than 18,000 installations.

Specifically, Roblox log in daily $ 3,091,498 only in the iOS App Store in the United States, an exaggerated amount to which, in addition, we would have to add what the iOS version enters in other territories and what the Xbox One, Android and PC versions receive. Monthly Roblox enters, only from the American App Store, more than 92 million dollars, according to this report, which indicates that the application is at the head of the top 10 games that receive the most money in this digital store, you can see them below:

What are the most popular iOS games in the United States?

As you can see, Roblox takes a big lead on the second highest grossing game on the list, Candy Crush Saga, what receives 1,895,889 dollars daily and 23,194 installations, becoming the game with the most daily downloads in the American App Store. There are other well-known titles that make up the top 10 of mobile games on this platform, such as Clash of Clans, Pokmon GO, Call of Duty: Mobile. They have also entered the ranking PUBG Mobile Y Garena Free Fire, From battle royales that are current for a possible ban by the government of Bangladesh.

Although they are surprising figures, no wonder Roblox is the first on the list taking into account some factors such as that gamers have spent thousands of dollars on virtual Gucci bags. We already knew that this was a profitable project, because in fact has increased the value of Roblox Corporation to $ 29.5 billion and has skyrocketed its stock price, but this is just further proof of how far this platform is coming.

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