Although sometimes we have it little present, Roblox is one of the most played video games today. Not only in Spain, where it arrived with official support back in 2018, but also in the rest of the world; In the United States, for example, more than half of young people and adolescents play this game. ‘world of worlds’, what to the company that develops it, Roblox Corporation, It has earned him to reach a value of 29,500 million dollars. Other great milestone proving its popularity is that his last event, a virtual concert of Lil Nas X, brought together 33 million players.

Now one of the games available within Roblox, Adopt Me, has announced a new audience record on their social networks. It turns out that this server, where players can adopt, raise, care for and customize their own pet, has already received 20 billion views since its premiere in July 2017. The game’s own official account on Twitter has been the one that has revealed this impressive data in a message in which they take the opportunity to thank their audience.

A success inside and outside Roblox

With these numbers Adopt Me proves to be among the games of Roblox most popular, although it is something that is not only evident with his recent record, but also with the figures he boasts on the platform: at the time of writing these lines there are more than 200,000 simultaneous players on their servers and more than 19 million have bookmarked it. Outside of Roblox, its success is also noticeable: in Twitter, where you have a verified account, it is followed by almost a million people, while in YouTube enjoy almost two million subscribers.

Yes, although this is the most popular, the rest of the games also did not lag behind in number of visits: Bee Swarm has more than a billion views, Tower of Hell has exceeded 10 billion and Bubble Gum Simulator it has also already reached one billion visits. And that’s just counting the three most popular after Adopt Me.

Roblox is a free access platform that is available on PC, iOS, Android and Xbox One. Players can download it, create an account, and play the many titles available in its library. If you want to know what they are the best games of Roblox We recommend you take a look at this article, while If you are interested in knowing if it is safe to play Roblox we recommend this other.

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