It was the middle of October 2019 when Riot Games announced their next projects Among those were a mobile version of League of Legends that launched late last year, a competitive shooter called Valuing that has dazzled Spanish fans since its launch in mid-2020 and also a fighting game known at the moment as Project L.

Many of the game lovers of this genre were immediately attracted to this project due to the great expertise that Riot has shown when it comes to building competitive games with the community and electronic sports in mind and there were not few fans of it. these titles that they hoped they could try Project L during this 2021 through some kind of beta, hopes that fueled certain rumors that have been appearing on the network in recent weeks.

However Tom Cannon, one of the main people in charge of this new video game, wanted to meet the expectation of the fans with a series of tweets in which denies that there will be a beta, public or private, soon and definitely not to arrive during 2021.

I’m delighted with the hype for Project L. The game is on the right track with many of its core systems in place but we still have a long way to go. Please do not expect a beta version (public or private) in the short term and it will definitely not be this year.“, he comments in one of his tweets.

We will be able to know more about Project L by the end of the year

So as not to just deliver bad news, Tom later posted another tweet to announce that by the end of 2021 they plan to publish a development diary or similar to give information about the game: “We have a development update planned for the end of the year to share more of the game. Until then, stay calm!

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