Nintendo’s massive email leak continues to reveal new, unpublished information. Today numerous details about canceled projects and first-time designs of some controls. The latter has been the case of the Wiimote, the revolutionary command created by the Japanese company to reinvent the concept of playing on a desktop console and that catapulted the sales of Wii, making it one of the best-selling consoles in history with more than 100 million units.

Early designs had different buttons and colors

From Twitter accounts Forest of Illusion Y lombTV state that the new leaks from the leak Nintendo include emails dating back to 2006. Among the attachments they have found we can see some of the early Wiimote designs, which don’t look too different from what the final design looks like, although you can see some variations. However, before continuing, it should be noted that from Kotaku they clarify that the context of these designs is difficult to determine since files are not linked to specific emails within the data folder structure.

Among some discarded designs we can find the Lime Green Wiimote, which add several buttons that do not appear in the final version; the email for these Wiimote dates from July 28, 2005. As you can see, some designs present a button layout very similar to that of an ordinary television remote, although it seems that Nintendo preferred to restructure the position of some of them and eliminate the surpluses. The second batch of images presents Wiimote very similar to those that arrived in stores, with its characteristic white color and with all the buttons in place, although change rewind and pause buttons to plus and minus.

Changes to improve gameplay

According to the translations provided by lombTV, Nintendo had some concern about arrows appearing in some of the discarded designsas they believed that they might have been difficult to immediately understand by children and adults. That is why they opted for the Ms and Minus buttons on their final model.

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