Returnal, the roguelike by Housemarque exclusive to PlayStation 5, it has a new trailer. PlayStation has published a video with voices in spanish focused on history of Selene and the Strange Planet tropes where the various narrative techniques are anticipated to use the Finnish studio known for Resogun Y Nex Machina.

Thus, the video shows us how Helios, the ship in which he travels Selene, the protagonist, makes a forced emergency landing on the inhspito planeta tropos. After asking the ASTRA organization, the astronaut embarks on a journey to the origin of the Mysterious White Shadow transmission.

In the adventure he will find impossible situations, such as seeing his own corpse on the planet’s ground and locate one house that turns out to be your own home and that is explored in the first person. In the video the scenes of gameplay packed with action with enemies of different types and sizes, each with their different attack patterns.

A complex and layered narrative

The player will die again and again in Returnal, as usual in the genre, but here the story will matter. From Housemarque they have designed a narrative made up of different layers. “We have a multitude of mechanisms to tell you our story,” he said. Harry Krueger, director of the title, in an interview with this medium.

Returnal first person story

“We have cinematic videos, records of other Selene (the protagonist) who have died on this planet and even sequences that take place in the first person. With the latter, we change from the third person to the first person to tell Selene’s story in a more intimate way. […]”.

Returnal to reach PlayStation 5 in Spanish physical stores in Spain and the rest of the world and through PlayStation Store next April 30th. Next to Ratchet & Clank: Una dimensin aparte (coming in June), is the big PlayStation Studios exclusive for the first half of 2021.

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