The players of Returnal they have dead 9.02 million times. They have also played almost six million hours, specifically, 5,806,493. The account goes out by itself: for every hour played, it has died more than once. The data comes from an image shared by Housemarque, the developers of the PS5 exclusive edited by PlayStation Studios, to celebrate that the title has been on sale for almost a month, from April 30.

Dying so many times in this game is not strange: after all, we are facing a rogueliteI mean, one of those skill-based games where death makes us lose everything. Or almost everything, hence the lite: here are items, weapons and other items that can be save from one game to the next. In fact, the game is so metroidvania What roguelike.

That’s right, just as the players have dead a lot (mostly because of Phrike, the first final boss), enemies of tropes have not had it easy either: it has been eliminated nearly 1016 million alien beings for a month. The favorite weapon to achieve this, by the way, has been the Buscavacos, which is not available from the beginning of the adventure.

PlayStation has not given sales data

The data that neither Housemarque nor PlayStation has given has been that of the units sold from Returnal, a title that due to its gender (in addition to a roguelite it’s a bullet hell) can be classified as a niche. On Spain, in the opening week placed 3,250 units in physical format, being the third best-selling game between April 26 and May 2; and in the second week more than 1000 copies. In the United Kingdom they are in second place, also behind New Pokmon Snap.

Returnal it’s a great game that knows combine with great success a multitude of ingredients to create something unique, fresh and with personality “, comments Carlos Leiva in his analysis.” It may not be as replayable or as extensive as other roguelites, but the experience that it offers us while it lasts is fantastic and highly recommended for any fan of science fiction and the most frenzied, unbridled and arcade action. “

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