Ms de four years of development later and almost six years since the team of Housemarque had a preliminary idea of Returnal, the shooter with elements roguelike and of metroidvania from the Finnish study to reach PlayStation 5 in less than 12 hours. Ilari Kuittinen, director Ejecutivo and co-founder of the study, has signed a statement where thanks Sony for supporting a “very risky” game at a time when the future of the study was not assured.

Kuittinen begins by recalling what happened in 2017, the same year the preproduccin from Returnal. They were a team of 50 people finishing Nex Machina Y Matterfall while experimenting with Storm divers. A study tied by conviction to a gender, the one of the shoot-em-up arcade, forgotten by other brands.


In June of that year they published Nex Machina with a great reception of criticism, but with so bad sales that from Housemarque decided to abandon the genre, at least in its most classic aspect to try to survive with a clear message: “Arcade Is Dead”. “Abandon the genre did not mean giving up our deep commitment to the gameplay fast acting“Kuittinen now writes.

“Instead, we want to accept the challenge of find out how we can transfer our experience from 2D arcade game to third-person shooter, “continues the CEO.” On the other hand, it was not yet known if we were going to be able to get past the prototype phase and convince Sony to continue to fund a new and untested concept. “

Nex Machina

“At a time when Game publishers take fewer and fewer creative risks, we’re really grateful to our editor Sony, which has given us the opportunity to work on something very risky and has provided us with fantastic support throughout the project. ” “We are eternally grateful to have had this opportunity”.

75 internal developers and other external studios to shape Returnal

In the statement it reveals that there will be a parche da 1 from Returnal, developed after announcing that the game was finished, to “improve, add and polish” different aspects. It also confirms that the title has worked 75 internal developers in addition to many other external and Sony equipment.

We will be celebrating, online unfortunately, on the launch date and the entire Housemarque team is super proud of what we have achieved “, closes the statement. That launch date, as we said at the beginning, will be the April 30th in Spain and the rest of the world. You can read our first impressions with the game here.

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