Returnal, the new action game of Housemarque exclusively for PlayStation 5, was put on sale yesterday in Spain and in the rest of the world, although not all players seem too happy with the fact that the cycle restarts if we close the title or turn off the console, so the only way to resume our game at the exact point where we left off is to leave the console in suspension.

Listening to the fans

This has led many users to complain on forums like Reddit and on social media for it to be introduced a temporary save option when exiting the game, something to which Housemarque has responded with a hopeful message: “We listen to the community and we love you all. We don’t have anything to announce right now, but keep playing and enjoy the challenge as much as you can! “

Evidently this it is not any kind of confirmation that this option will be entered, although the part in which they comment that they “listen to the community” invites optimism since there is a possibility that it will end up including sooner or later. To better understand these complaints keep in mind that a complete game of Returnal It is something that can take us between an hour and a half and two hours, forcing players to have enough time to play before catching up with him in case they don’t want to leave the console idle. “

Housemarque’s Most Ambitious Game

Returnal is a game that mixes third-person action in the style of bullet hell, a structure roguelite and various elements of the metroidvania. On Vandal we have already analyzed it, concluding that “is a great game that knows how to combine with great success a multitude of ingredients to create something unique, fresh and with personality“.

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