Retrovibe is an independent game publisher that aims to publish “ttulos indie with a twist of New Retro “. Behind the seal there are ancient directors of CD Projekt and its digital store, as well as the publisher Gaming Company. The brand has already announced its first five games, of different genres.

The founders are Michal Kiciński, Co-Founder and Former Deputy CEO of CD Projekt; Y Michał Affelski and Krzysztof Papliński, both co-founders of UK publisher Gaming Company, responsible for Warsaw Y Project Warlock. Kiciński finances the firm while Affelski and Papliński will take care of the day-to-day tasks at the company, according to reports from GamesIndustry.

The five games they have announced are Project Warlock 2 (a shooter in the first person heir to the classics of the 90s), Janosik 2 (platformer action game with elements metroidvania), Biota (a combination of shooter and metroidvania sci-fi setting), The Looter (a 2D action game in the world of Torture, a post-apocalyptic world) and Shardpunk: Decline (tactical survival and team strategy game with the atmosphere steampunk). They will all come out in 2021 or 2022, with no specific release date.

Retrovibe collaborate with the GOG store

“We think of Retrovibe as a exoskeleton that amplifies everything developers are doing. By offering financial support, marketing and other advice we can let the teams that are making the games focus on what they want to do, develop games“explains co-founder Krzysztof Papliński.

Retrovibe has announced that collaborate with, CD Projekt’s classic and indie games store, for promote the publisher’s games among the fans of the titles retro who frequent said portal. They have also explained that they will be in charge of the edition and promotion of the two Gaming Company games: Janosik Y Project Warlock.

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