Perhaps it is due to the lack of supply of new generation consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series X / S continue to have stock problems both in Spain and in the rest of the world), perhaps because the pandemic has awakened new curiosities in hobbies that we did not know we had, but the truth is that for a while now Homemade mods of older consoles are enjoying wide popularity among video game audiences.. Within this new fashion there are also trends and it seems that the transparent housings They have come back into fashion.

There was a time when it was normal for companies to launch video consoles and peripherals with transparent housings, but to this day unfortunately it is not so common: Nintendo released a 2DS model in translucent red and blue, just as Sony and Microsoft released special edition controllers in transparent colors, but we know this is not the norm. The opposite is true in the world of console customization, where transparent housings have become a precious commodity.

A high cost for a precious commodity

In Retro Game Restore, a portal dedicated to the sale of console customization parts, have already opened the reservation of a completely transparent SNES case. It is not even like those famous versions of colors with little opacity that showed the guts of the machine, no, it is a piece that directly looks like glass because it shows all the circuitry not only of SNES, but also of other platforms for which it is available. , What PC or Sega Genesis, as you can see in the tweets previously inserted.

That is, if you decide to customize your SNES you should know that it will not be cheap (if you didn’t already suspect it): on the official Retro Game Restore page it is reported that the pack with the transparent casing amounts to 126,79 dlares which fortunately include shipping to a good part of the planet, including Spain. The tutorial to assemble it can be seen here and the shipments will begin, if everything goes according to plan, in late May or early June.

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