Electronic Arts has just celebrated its most important event of the year, EA Play Live 2021, which has left us as its most important announcement the return of Dead Space, a beloved saga that players have been asking for a return for a few years. This obviously has not been the only announcement or news, so we are going to review below everything that this event has given of itself.

Vuelve Dead Space

The most important announcement of the event is the one that has closed it, a brief teaser triler de Dead Space Remake, which confirms the return of this saga, which has been rumored for a few months. The action game and survival horror created by Visceral Games in 2008 to return with a reimagining , halfway between the remake and reboot, in charge of EA Motive. It will be exclusive to the next generation on PC, PS 5 and Xbox Series X | S, and will make use of Frostbite, the DICE engine. EA Motive is especially known for its collaboration in the single player campaign of Star Wars Battlefront 2 and the most recent project, Star Wars: Squadrons. At the moment no further information has been given and its approximate release date is unknown, so we still have to wait.

GRID Legends, the new driving game from Codemasters

The other surprise announcement that this event has left has been that of GRID Legends, in charge of Codemasters, the British driving game studio that was acquired by Electronic Arts just a few months ago. Offer more than 100 vehicles of all kinds -classics, trucks, sports cars and even electric cars-, with oval, urban and off-road circuits, from London to Moscow with more than 130 tracks, including some real and known as Brands Hatch or Indianapolis, and other famous of the saga GRID including San Francisco and Paris. Will launch in 2022 para PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One y PC.

Battlefield Portal, an ambitious mode editor for Battlefield 2042

The biggest release of the year for Electronic Arts will be Battlefield 2042, which will arrive on October 22, and today it has presented an ambitious game mode, titled Battlefield Portal. Be a game mode creator in which players can design their own games by choosing the size of the map, the weapons to use, the objectives and even all kinds of movement limitations, all thought to give much more variety to the game. shooter And for what the community can create their own experiences in the purest style sandbox.

Furthermore, in Battlefield Portal also Classic content will be available, rescuing maps or weaponry from Battlefield 1942, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Y Battlefield 3 fully adapted to the new Engine so that players and creators can enjoy some of the best maps or soldiers in the history of Battlefield. If you want to know more about Battlefield Portal you can read more details in depth in this article.

Lost in Random, what’s new from the creators of Fe, it already has a date

Another of the announcements that the event has left us has been the launch date of Lost in Random, which will go on sale on September, 10th on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. This is the new job of the Swedes Zoink Games, game creators like Stick it to the Man! O Fe, an action adventure in which we will have to roll the dice to fight the enemies, so there will be a fun component of randomness. It also draws attention to its careful artistic section.

Apex Legends: Eclosin, the next big update to the successful battle royale

Respawn has shown Apex Legends: Eclosin, the next big update of the popular shooter in first person battle royale. Eclosin aade a brand new Legend called Seer, a reconnaissance-focused character who is capable of tracking and hunting enemies, even through walls. The update will also add qualifying arenas, the next evolution of the new 3v3 arena mode, which is sure to make these high stakes competitions even more competitive.

The funny Knockout City presents its second season

The fun and chaotic game of dodgeball Knockout City has offered details of the second season, entitled “A movie fight”, which presents a cinematic theme that will take us to a new map, the Holowood drive-in. The new stage features dynamic zones inspired by classic movies, from the Cathedral of Terror to the Bridge of Love. Refreshing ball (which blinds opponents with sticky syrup), a movie-themed equipment line, a new season of league play, and new cosmetics, playlists, and more. The season launches July 27th. We remind you that Knockout City is free to play up to street rank 25.

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