The American medium Game Informer has published a brief gameplay, of just two and a half minutes, where they offer a tour through one of the first environments that gamers will explore. Resident Evil 8: Village: the village, a stage located in Eastern Europe, half in ruins, with a lot of verticality and secrets to find.

The video makes clear the contrast that we will find in this environment: from the bright, snow-covered dirt roads that wind through the village to the half-ruined and dark huts and houses that are scattered throughout the village. Whether on air or indoors, enemies will stalk players: storming from the rooftops (which Ethan, the protagonist can also climb) to lurking in the corners that go unnoticed inside.

As explained in the video, the village appears to have been frozen in time (albeit suffering destruction from the passage of time) during the it was victorian: there are detailed stone statues in the middle of a square surrounded by half-demolished houses, inside which are crockery, cPaintings and other decorative details (also treasures to be sold later to the Duke) coming from several centuries ago.

The demo will be available on PS4 and PS5 this Sunday

Only a few hours remain so that users of Sony consoles can access the demonstration of Resident Evil: Village dedicated precisely to the village. This Sunday April 18 from 19:00 (Spanish peninsular time) until 3:00 on April 19 the players of PS4 and PS5 They can play the village section for half an hour. The play will be repeated on April 25th at the same time with the castle demo. Later, the complete demo (60 minutes, both zones) will be available on all platforms for 24 hours from May 2 at 2:00.

Resident Evil: Village arrives in stores on May 7th para PC, Google Stadia, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S y Xbox One.

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