The update of the Resident Evil 8: Village for computers, which brings with it performance improvements and other additions. Last week we echoed a problem of the PC versions from Resident Evil Village, and it is that from Digital Foundry they discovered that this version had serious performance issues caused by Denuvo anti-piracy technology. Shortly after the news went viral, Capcom promised to release an update patch as soon as possible upon learning of the problem and the Japanese company has already fulfilled its promise.

Update includes AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution

“An important update for gamers of Resident Evil Village and Steam. AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) is now supported. FSR supports higher frame rates on PC for an improved gaming experience. It has been realized settings to optimize anti-piracy technology“They have communicated from the verified Resident Evil account on Twitter. The user KyoKat has uploaded a comparison on YouTube in which we can see Resident Evil Village and PC before and after the Capcom update. Performance is much more stable than the original version, so gamers can breathe a sigh of relief.

Before applying the new patch, Resident Evil Village with Denuvo activated I had sizable frame-per-second drops in very specific confrontations such as those of Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters, while the version without the anti-piracy system does not suffer from such problems. The stability of the title is presented in such a way that the fps They went down to 20, a figure that made the title practically unplayable. Fortunately, the new update shows that, with a few tweaks, the game can be played much better even with Denuvo anti-piracy system and Capcom’s proprietary DRM enabled. Have you been able to test the update for yourself?

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