Dusk Golem, a insider known to have leaked all the information from Resident Evil 8: Village long before its official announcement, it has returned to the load ensuring that the next installment of the saga is already in development. In fact, according to their information, this new game would have been in production for a long time, even coinciding with the development of other installments in the saga. Those, we should not expect news from him soon.

The insider has released this information in response to a user comically surprised that Capcom was working on three different Resident Evil games; It was at that moment when Dusk Golem has twitteado the following: “Well, wait until you know that there was a period of time in which Resident Evil 2: Remake, Resident Evil 3: Remake, Resident Evil 8: Village, Resident Evil: Outrage, Resident Evil 4: Remake Y Resident Evil 9 were in development at exactly the same time (end of 2018)“.

Of all those games you mention, only the first three have been officially announced. The others are all rumors that the Dusk Golem himself has previously advanced: one of his latest information pointed to a game in the saga being developed Nintendo Switch exclusive that will be published under the name Resident Evil: Outrage and will be announced at the end of the year. The other, the remake of Resident Evil 4It is an open secret that fits Capcom’s plans but that the company has not yet confirmed.

It will not be launched before 2024, according to this insider

Yes, if it is true that Resident Evil 9 is already in development we should not think that we will see news of him soon. The insider explains in a tweet later than don’t think Capcom will release this game before 2024, in such a way that he does not even think it is worth talking about today since anything could happen in the development process, including that the whole project is restarted, which ensures that “a lot happens” in the saga Resident Evil.

Before Resident Evil 9 arrive Resident Evil 8: Village, a new installment of the franchise whose director has assured today that it will have horrifying horror scenes and a surprise for the story of Ethan Winters, the protagonist of both this new game and the previous one. Its premiere will take place next May 7 on PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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