Resident Evil 8: Village prepares to offer Spanish and worldwide players a new dose of terror, signed by Capcom and your team. The game is gearing up to debut in PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5 and Xbox Series X / S on May 7, but meanwhile additional information about this new installment continues to arrive. The latest rumors about it indicate that this episode will feature an extra difficulty mode, which will offer users random objects and enemies.

Village may have an additional difficulty level

The new rumor circulating around Resident Evil 8: Village insin that the game count on an “experimental way” which can be unlocked once players have completed the main campaign. This modality will allow users to enjoy a new survival experience in this terrifying village located in Eastern Europe.

The information comes from the insider specialized in the Capcom saga, Dusk Golem (Aesthetic Gamer), which also pointed out that Resident Evil 9 it aims to be the last numbered installment of the main series. Earlier this week, he was at the controls of his Twitter account to share with the players what will they find once they finish the main story of Village.

Resident Evil Village will have an extra difficulty mode after the main campaign

“I’ve known for a while that they played with making a Ethan Must Die 2.0 [el minijuego de Resident Evil 7] in the village, and they ended up turning it into an expansive difficulty mode in the game“says Dusk Golem.” I don’t know all the details / the final result of the mode, I think they will talk about it before launch. But I know that makes the game much more open, randomizes the location of enemies and objects, Y is scaled to be extremely difficult“.

We may know more information about this game mode in the next Resident Evil Showcase, which Capcom confirmed that it will be held the night of April 15 to 16 at 0:00 in Spain. If it is true that this difficulty mode exists and that it is finally included in the game, it is possible that the company take advantage of this event to share more details.

Village, a new adventure with Ethan Winters

Ethan Winters, who we met in Resident Evil 7, is once again the protagonist of the story. Along with him, the players will travel to a rural town in Eastern Europe, which is located at the foot of a spooky castle. We remind you that the game will debut May 7 on PC and consoles. To find out more, we invite you to read our impressions.

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