Resident Evil 8: Village It has received all kinds of modifications from the community throughout these weeks after its launch. However, we already told you about ToastedShoes, a user of YouTube dedicated to uploading videos about mods that you create for various games. ToastedShoes started his tour of mods in order to Resident Evil Village with the demos that I release Capcom a few days before the departure of the new installment of Resident Evil. Throughout the past week he brought new videos, already with the final version in his hands and with more freedom to modify at will.

Joel and Ellie star in some of the craziest mods the user has ever created

In the first video we see that Mia Winters has been converted into Minnie Mouse. Ethan Winters has also undergone a transformation, but not something you would expect in a game like Resident Evil. To make more sense of his wife’s conversion, Ethan has become Mickey Mouse. The whole tragic scene that takes place at the beginning of the story and that is the trigger for the plot, takes on a much more absurd and laughable tone as the characters change their appearance. Of course, see Chris Redfield turned into John Wick and shot Minnie Mouse in cold blood it’s surreal.

Continuing in the video, we see other types of modifications, each one more hilarious. The lycans, recurring werewolf-like enemies of the video game, have been replaced by Chad Squidward from Spongebob. More than terror, what these new enemies can infuse us are a good laugh. One of the most striking modifications is that of Elena and her father, two characters that appear during the start of our adventure in the village. Both have been changed by Joel y Ellie, the protagonists of The Last of Us, and the result is frankly good, since they fit with the realistic aesthetics.

The second video shows other modifications even crazier than we have seen so far. Much of the video takes place during one of the key opening scenes, in which all the villains gather to decide the fate of Ethan Winters. We see again Lady Dimitrescu turned into the train of Thomas and his friends, but there are some new additions. Karl Heisenberg has been turned into the cowboy Woody of the saga Toy Story Pixar and the doll Angie has become the Gustavo frog from Ssamo neighborhood. To top it off Salvatore Moreau has adopted the aspect of Quasimodo, the notre dame ringer from the Disney movie and the Mother Miranda has been changed by the malfico Megamind, which gives his film its name.

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