From his first appearances in the trilers of Resident Evil 8: Village, Lady Dimitrescu he has won the hearts of a good part of the community. The villain of the new installment of Capcom’s horror saga has captivated the whole world thanks to his enormous stature, his style for fashion and his creepy smile. Those responsible for its design spoke at length about how the character came about, but now a Twitter user has found what could be the true origin of the famous vampire.

According to the user JCcollection, Capcom could have been inspired by a photograph from 1938 to create the villain of Resident Evil 8: Village. As you can see in the tweet inserted below these lines, the snapshot was taken by the Swedish photographer Erik Holmn, who specialized in commercial work and reports on clothing, decoration and consumer goods. One of his photographs shows a woman dressed in a suit very similar to the one Lady Dimitrescu wears in the video game, also incorporating the famous black hat that further enhances her elongated figure.

Lady Dimitrescu’s resemblance to the model in Holmn’s photo is reasonable, so much as to think that this image appeared to the designer of the villain dress while looking for references during the production of Resident Evil 8: Village and I ended up so in love with the style that I practically used the same one.

A concoction of references

Tomonori Takano, Game Art Director, explained in February that the idea with Lady Dimitrescu’s design was to create a villain that would fit her theme of castles and vampires, but not in a traditional way: popular entertainment, “he explained. They relied on two popular legends, that of the Hungarian serial killer Elizabeth Bthory and the Japanese myth of the Hashaku-sama. Both backgrounds were spiced up in the style of Anjelica Huston’s Morticia Adams, and now we also know that a Swedish photographer had something to do with her clothing, albeit indirectly.

Resident Evil 8: Village llegar a PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia on May 7. A demo is currently available on all these platforms, although computer players can access it without time limits thanks to this trick. In Vandal we have been able to test the game in depth, you can read our impressions here.

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