Resident Evil 8: Village went on sale a little over a week ago – on May 7 – and the speedrunnersdedicated to trying to finish a game as quickly as possible, They are already lowering the game time to less than 90 minutes. The average duration of the game is 9 hours, according to the How Long to Beat page, a little more with the extras and up to 35 and a half hours for those who want to complete everything it offers, but on YouTube it is easy to find games of users who they already dominate the whole adventure. Time surely has a lot of room for improvement, especially when new shortcuts and errors are found that make it easier to move through the scene more quickly. Let’s not forget that Resident Evil 2 Remake, also with a duration close to 9 hours, it can be finished in less than an hour.

Village is set a few years after the events of the acclaimed Resident Evil 7. Again we step into the boots of Ethan Winters, who now lives peacefully with his wife Mia in a new place, far from past nightmares. However, just when they are beginning their new life together, tragedy takes over again.

The village of shadows

“If we had to describe Resident Evil: Village with a single word, we will probably tell you that it is, above all, very “enjoyable”. Yes, it has flaws and falls a few steps below the best installments of the series, but it is never boring, it is full of surprises, its setting is incredible and the new enemies we have to face have liked us a lot, so much for design as for their behaviors, providing something fresh within the series to force us to approach the confrontations in a different way “, we counted in the analysis. If you have doubts about their secrets, in Vandal you can find a complete guide to Resident Evil 8.

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