Resident Evil 8: Village is already on sale worldwide, including in Spain, for PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One, Stadia and PC, and it seems that precisely in this last platform Capcom has made a good job optimization: the new installment of his horror saga can work on computers with low technical specifications, even those that do not have an integrated graphics card.

This has been demonstrated in PC Gamer, a medium in which they tried Resident Evil 8: Village on a $ 400 computer with no integrated graphics card to evaluate its technical performance. The good news is that Capcom’s latest release can be played on this type of computer and with a fairly good performance: the PC on which this test has been carried out has a processor AMD Ryzen 5 3400G that allows you to play without problems up to 1080p, although from the middle they recommend lowering the resolution to 720p to increase its fluency.

On this computer, Resident Evil 8: Village can run at 1080p with a framerate 34 fps medium, although with occasional drops at 27 fps. Instead, if we reduce its resolution to 720p, we will lose some image quality to gain stability with a rate of 54 frames per second that drop promptly to 43 fps. Obviously with this configuration the game does not have ray tracing lighting, but the result seems to be “pretty decent”, segn PC Gamer.

Captura de Resident Evil 8: Village.

Regardless of which platform you play on Resident Evil 8: Village, it is always advisable to sink your teeth into the latest in the Capcom saga because, as we say in our review, it is “a good game that knows how to make its rhythm, variety of situations, replayability and fascinating setting its main strengths to offer us an entertaining adventure from start to finish and full of great moments that does not know the word boredom “.

If you are already immersed in this horror adventure, we recommend you take a look at our guide to squeeze it 100%.

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