A Resident Evil 8: Village There are still exactly two weeks to go before it is officially released in Spain, but it seems that in Australia some physical copies have already begun to be sold. At least that’s how one user of Twitter who has posted a game photo for PS5 In his personal profile of said social network, an image that makes it clear that it is an Australian copy due to its R18 + age rating.

As the person who has shared this image on Twitter says, having leaked Resident Evil 8: Village before time you have to have beware of spoilers in social networks: It is not the first time that a game begins to be sold early in certain territories – it has already happened to Cyberpunk 2077 also in Australia, precisely – and scenes begin to appear that gut important moments of the plot.

How much space to occupy Resident Evil 8: Village on the PS5 SSD?

If you are afraid of spoiling some part of Resident Evil 8: Village we recommend you follow these practical tips to avoid spoilers we released when delicate scenes from the plot of The Last of Us 2.

That’s right, thanks to the user who shared the photo of the physical edition of Resident Evil 8: Village On PS5 we know how much space Capcom’s game will occupy on the SSD of the next generation console: according to the information on the box, this new installment has a size of 27.37 GB in its version 1.00.000 which, furthermore, has not yet received any kind of update, according to this person.

While the game officially goes on sale, we invite you to read our impressions of Resident Evil 8: Village, a text that we published after attending a presentation in which we have been able to see more than an hour of the game and in which we confirm what we already intuited, that “It aims to be one of the great bombings of the year”.

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