Resident Evil 8: Village is already on sale and with a good debut: it exceeds 3 million in its first days, in addition to having the best premiere of Resident Evil on Steam. It is clear that Resident Evil is in great shape globally, but in Japan this delivery has not worked so well, or simply the Japanese public is not interested in a first-person adventure: as reported by Famitsu, combined sales of PS4 and PS5 reach 149,884 copies in the first week, which is considerably less than the 231,188 units of Resident Evil 7 in 2017 – even if it was only released in one generation.

This data places Resident Evil 8 What the worst debut of the main saga in Japan except for the original, which reached 148,904, before becoming the phenomenon that laid the foundations of the survival horror, and of Resident Evil 4, with 145,533 units, when it was a GameCube exclusive. The latest remakes of Resident Evil 2 (265,324) and Resident Evil 3 (189,490) achieved a better debut in the country. “It is also below several spin-offincluding Survivor, the first Revelations, Umbrella Chronicles Y Operation Raccoon City“says Game Data Library, which believes that” RE in the first person do not connect with the Japanese public, since the remakes of RE 2 Y 3 they worked well. “

It is true that Famitsu sales refer to physical sales only, and with the boom in digital distribution in recent years – especially after the COVID-19 pandemic – sales in Japan are likely to be significantly higher; Several regions of the country are in a state of emergency and there users could have opted for downloads. The other possibility is simply the lack of interest in first-person games, as FPS has historically not been as successful as in the West.

Good sales in the rest of the world

Village has been second best launch week of 2021 in UK just behind Super Mario 3D World + Bowsers Fury. Those 3 million globally exceed the 2 million Resident Evil 3 Remake in its first five days and the 2.5 million Resident Evil 7 in its first four days, and could be equated to the figure achieved by Resident Evil 2 Remake, which updated one of the most beloved games in the series.

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