Less than four days until it reaches Spain and the rest of the world Resident Evil 8: Village, the new installment of the saga of survival horror to which many players have already sunk their teeth thanks to the demos that Capcom has been publishing during the last weeks.

Precisely thanks to these demos we can see game performance on all platforms and the well-known youtuber ElAnalistadeBits has decided to create one of his comparative to “face” versions of the game for PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X y Google Stadia showing us the differences in resolution, performance …

According to the tests the resolution of PS5 and XSX is exactly the same, 4K fully native which can also be replicated on PC while Stadia cannot “seems to exceed 1440p in no time“running at an average of 1080p during testing. If we talk about Ray Tracing, in PS5 and XSX we find identical parameters while the PC version has more reflections and better lighting. global as well as better textures in general while Stadia runs out of the real-time ray tracing that other platforms have.

When it comes to performance with Ray Tracing on it appears that XSX has a more stable fps rate than on PS5 (In XSX the performance is stable at 60 fps with very specific drops while in PS5 it fluctuates between 55 and 60) with both consoles running at a stable 60 fps without Ray Tracing. For his part PS5 has the advantage of having slightly faster loading times than the Microsoft console but in general lines we can say that at least from the tests carried out by ElAnalistadeBits both versions are very similar to each other.

If you have the demo on PC you can play it for an unlimited time

Finally we want to remind you that Those of you who have the demo on PC can play without a time limit thanks to a trick that the community has found and that we have explained to you this morning in a guide that you can access by clicking here.

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